I loved every minute of this lakeside shoot with this easygoing couple. Chandler & Allison’s laughter, love and playful spirits are so refreshing. I absolutely can’t WAIT for their Blowing Rock wedding in June! Enjoy a few of my favorites below…


there’s something so magical about a fountain. my little girls loves throwing penny after penny in, splashing her feet around & watching the water. i didn’t plan on taking these pictures of her, but as i stared at her soft curls, long eyelashes, creamy skin and dirty little feet… i just couldn’t NOT take these pictures. these are the memories i want to always remember.


RubyFountain2years4months-LoRes-119RubyFountain2years4months-LoRes-122 RubyFountain2years4months-LoRes-125 RubyFountain2years4months-LoRes-127-2

There are simply no words. Nothing, and I mean nothing compares to photographing the miracle of birth. I’ve had both of my births photographed and I cherish those images. If I didn’t have them, those precious memories & moments would all be a blur now. Instead, I have the gift of opening up my memory box and flipping my way through the stack of photos which always brings me to tears.

I had the honor of being beside my friend Jillian to document her daughter, Kinsley’s arrival. It’s my joy to share these with you. Thank you, Peter & Jillian for allowing me to be alongside you two!


Feb 22, 2014
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#herecomethebards was their hashtag for their wedding day. I loved watching instagram fill up with images their friends & family snapped throughout their day. This was one rainy day that couldn’t have dampened the smile of Taylor’s face. My camera couldn’t get enough of her joy… or their love. They were high school sweethearts and clearly adored by everyone who knew them. Enjoy my favorites from their day!

Bard-5stars-105LaurenJacksonPhotography_0016Bard-5stars-122LaurenJacksonPhotography_0019Bard-5stars-132Bard-5stars-130Bard-5stars-1628Bard-5stars-148 Bard-5stars-149Bard-5stars-154LaurenJacksonPhotography_0027Bard-5stars-172Bard-5stars-175Bard-5stars-180Bard-5stars-182LaurenJacksonPhotography_0031LaurenJacksonPhotography_0032LaurenJacksonPhotography_0033Bard-5stars-244LaurenJacksonPhotography_0036Bard-5stars-248 Bard-5stars-246

Feb 21, 2014

I had the pleasure of shooting with the sisters of Twine & Twig. They’re both so stylish and easy-going… I wanted to hang out with them all day, oh yeah, and wear their necklaces every day too… check out their website & their incredible hand-crafted jewelry here: http://www.twineandtwigstyle.com/

A few of my favorites from our shoot…









While I’ve been on maternity leave, I have been able to think a lot about the past few years and the amazing path I’ve been able to travel with my photography. Through my fabulous friends at Towne & Reese, and the photo shoots I have been doing for their website & catalog, I was able to meet Emily Maynard. She is a huge fan of Towne & Reese and wore a lot of their jewelry while she was on The Bachelorette. When she collaborated with them to develop her own line of jewelry, she needed a blog, e-commerce website and catalog. I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph all of these things! We had the BEST time shooting everything and since then I’ve had the privilege to continue photographing Emily for her fashion blog. I haven’t posted any of her photos to give her the chance to reveal them on her blog first… so drumroll… here they finally are! Go visit her site to check out her GORGEOUS line of jewelry & read her engagement story!

She is truly a beauty, inside & out… I couldn’t be happier for her with her engagement announcement to Tyler! I wish you the best, sweet Em, and hope to have many more opportunities to photograph your beautiful new family :)

Lauren Jackson Photography_0001
















Here’s a peek at some of my favorites from her collection… click here to shop!TREmilyLookBook-1848


Oct 04, 2013

I la-la-la-LOVE this family. They were one of my first clients when I started my business, back when Van was just a baby… now they have Rory and they just couldn’t be cuter! We romped around the park for a bit and took some photos and played with bubbles and had a blast… here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

Van is such a sweet boy. He is such a good big brother and loves Rory so well. We’ve had a couple of play dates with Ruby and she absolutely loves being his friend. I’m not gonna lie… I not-so-secretly hope this ends up on their rehearsal dinner slideshow one day………….

These two won me over. Ellen + Bixby are so genuine, kind & adorable on top of being easy peasy to photograph! Their story is based on deep friendship and many years of commitment & love. One of my favorite moments of the day was when Bixby told me he loved Ellen’s cheeks and loved to kiss them. No wonder Ellen can’t stop smiling when she’s around him…

Can’t wait for your wedding next year! I am so excited & honored to be your photographer! xoxo


Bixby planned a surprise proposal during a Land Rover Driving Experience at the Biltmore so they had to have at least one photo with the beloved Land Rover ;)

A whole lot more of this loveliness coming soon… check back later today!

Julie is one of my oldest friends. She was one of my beloved college roommates, the “505ers” and still to this day is one of the wittiest people I’ve ever met. I feel happier just being in her presence and she brings light into the lives of so many of her friends & family. It’s been such a joy to watch her become a mom this year to not one, but TWO babies! I wanted to gobble up her sweet little twins during this photo shoot.

Julie asked me to come shoot their extended family as a birthday gift to her mom. What an honor it was to capture this sweet reunion and celebration of life and generations of love and watch all of the different bonds of family… sisters, mothers & daughters, grandchildren, babies & cousins.

Enjoy a few of my favorites below… xo!

one of my favorites… all the “kids” :)

thanks for letting me be a part of your awesome family for an hour!